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  • Dowr Fala: Dhe an mor, an mor!
    River Fal: To the sea, the sea!

    .My yw genys yn kres an mor
    teyr lig yn mes.
    Unn dyji gwynn ena a’m beus.
    An banal a dyv a-dal y borth,
    ha’n annethow oll gans eythyn kudhys
    yn bro an Arvor.

    I was born in the middle of the sea
    out three leagues clear.
    I have a little cottage there,
    the broom do grow about its door,
    and the dwellings there all covered by the moor;
    in the land of the shore.

    Yann Berr Kalloc’h - My yw genys yn kres an mor.
    Jean Pierre Calloc’h - I was born in the middle of the sea.

    Work produced with the help of the Embark: Ferry Art 2011 Artists Development Grant.
    With support from Charlotte Williams, FOTONOW, University College Falmouth, and Arts Council England.
  • Rivers divide and connect, and the passage of time stays still.
    Journeying down the River Fal,
    I have chosen to make my way to the sea.
    The unexpected relationships created along the way between water,
    land and sky are one of division.
    Divided by the water dominating the frame,
    distorting a customary perspective.
    Along my journey I met well travelled strangers seeking shelter,
    waiting for times of plenty.
    Somewhere under the surface lurks mystery.
    Yet above the surface lies an active world that we all know.
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