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  • Summer Solstice
    20 - 21st June 2012

    Despite the weather forecast over 14500 people descended on Stonehenge to celebrate the coming of the sun. The rain poured down heavily for hours, and the revelers hid themselves under various umbrellas trying to stave off the inevitable soaking. The sun didn’t rise visibly through the stones that day, but we welcomed it nonetheless.
  • Mad dogs and English men, but no sun.
    By Oliver Griffin

    The weather and the British is one of the most talked about subjects on this land mass. Personally, it is a conversation starter with most of my family and especially on my Father’s side. I can’t control it; my genetic makeup is made up that way. Each visit to see my elderly Grandparents, there is always a long silence with a cup of tea in one hand (hopefully a Marks & Spencer’s chocolate digestive in the other) with the following words, as we’re all looking out of double glazed windows up into the sky, “At least the rain has held off”.

    Yes, there is one word that can sum up the British weather system: Rain. Only one country is introduced within the film industry with such a climate. Just take any Hollywood feature film, the semiotics of the wet and a grey city can only suggest this country’s capital, London. There are such pieces of costume such as the long black umbrella and Barber waxed Jacket. These pieces of national dress are notoriously associated with quality and British tradition. Because, to be frank… if your countries population looks like they are rained on most of their lives, they must of found a perfect solution to keep dry?

    I do recall listening to a program on Radio Four depicting the problem Transport for London Lost Property Office has with mislaid umbrellas. The Baker Street office contains over 10,000 of these useful (or useless depending on the wind conditions) accessories that neighbour the fictional home one of the world most famous detectives. Maybe only Sherlock Holmes and Watson can find the owners, restoring the canopy over this fine nation once more and saving us from the blasted weather? I think not sadly. I think only Cliff Richard and his ‘Summer Holiday’ saves us from this undesired reputation, but even he failed to save the Wimbledon tennis completion from a washout and the humiliation of a stereotype in the eyes of a world audience.

    Although it goes without saying any glimpse of sun in these fair British Isles, and every hot-blooded male within the ages of 7 to 57 years old automatically take off their shirts, to instantly become what is commonly known as a ‘Lobster’. I’ll leave the description up to you. But this rarely happens and I would like to thank the heavy rainfall for this, it’s only saving grace as most of the time there is a thick waterproof layer protecting the white pasty skin.

    Like today, I see out to the English Channel, grey clouds come over this on this chilly November evening. I’m glad my winter coat (well, only coat) is on the back of this swivel chair, ready for anything the Atlantic weather front has to throw at me. Waiting for me as to finish this last sentence. I can only remember that the night the Summer Solstice of the 20th June 2012, it was nice out today... At least it isn’t raining yet?
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